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Flå, a local borough of Hallingdal

The borough of Flå is situated at the southern end of Hallingdal and can offer a splendid nature with amongst other features, Lake Krøderen, Vassfaret, Høgevarde and Gråfjell, which stretces up towards 1400 – 1500 m above the sea level. The altitudes above the sea level vary from around 150 m to 1500 m.

At the centre of the community you will find the council administration, the schools for infants, juniors and junior high school, the church, a shopping centre, a motel, reception rooms, cafés, a petrol station, etc.

The Bergen Railway and the National Highway No. 7 pass through the borough.

The community with its about 1000 inhabitants has good possibilities for raising its children and its young persons.

The Borough of Flå welcomes you!

Lake Krøderen, Vassfaret, Hestgjuvnatten, Høgevarde and Gråfjell are landmarks. The borough covers an area of 692 sq. km. It also consists of a great part of the nationally protected area of Vassfaret, a legendary area where the last permanent group of bears in Norway used to keep themselves. It is easy to walk into Vassfaret, as there are marked footpaths leading into the area.

There are good fishing possibilities in Vassfaret, Hallingdalselva and in the many lakes in the mountain areas. 

If you should feel for a dip in the Lake Krøderen, there is a swimming pier together with a court for sandvolleyball at Hallingporten in Gulsvik at the southern end of Flå.   

Flå has housing developments with available plots in various locations. There are also some more spread out housing developments outside the planned areas.


You can also find plots for holiday homes with high comfort up in the mountain areas.

There is a great activity in developments for holiday homes and each year there are approx. 100 new holiday homes built. Flå Borough Council purchased the industrial sites at Elvemo and Roppemoen in 1970. Here many industries have established themselves, amongst those: Flåhytta A/S, Novema A/S and Flå Bil og Traktor A/S. (A/S = Ltd. Company.)  In Flå there are also several contracting companies involved in excavation, transport and forestry.


A vision for the further development of  the Borough – a strategic challenge

The greatest challenge will be to stabilize the population growth and, in
turn, to increase it  further, so that the demographic balance will
improve with the view of improving the mix of the age groups and
genders of  the  population.  (There has, for several years, been a
decline in the population. However, now it seems to be on the increase again.)

To create dwelling and working conditions in Flå in such a way that youth with higher education and vocational skills will find it attractive to stay or move (back again) to Flå.

To maintain work places and support the work in create new places of work anddevelopment/changeswithin  thebusiness community.                                                                                 

The Council maintains an active economic policy where adaptations for new enterprises are central. I  this connection The Council will especially welcome persons with good ideas!   


The Council also work in a very active way to develop the village of Gulsvik. There have been created a small boats harbour with piers for smaller boats on/at the Lake Krøderen. There are possibilities for/of hiring mooring points here.


A summary of business and other employment 

Agriculture and forestry
These are the main fields of work in Flå.
Flå is the most prominant and active local council area when it comes to forestry in Hallingdal.
The main produce from farming are timber and cereals, often combined with sheep farming.

Farming related to use of outlying fields
Within the Borough of Flå there are approx. 1370 holiday homes.
Flå has many available plots for such developments, mainly Skarsdalen, Flenten and Gulsvikfjellet are particularly attractive.
The shooting of elk (moose) and deer are mainly done by the forest owners themselves. However, the shooting of reindeer, roe deer and small game (hare, ptarmigan, black grouse, capercaillie etc.) often are contracted out to others.

The fishing is well organized in several areas, such as in Hallingdalselva and with Flå Østre Grunneierlag.

Commerce and service
Within Flå there are several cafés, various shops, petrol stations with small shops, flower shops, a business for smoking of fish and meats, IT-technology, a garage (car repairs) and an accountancy.

There are jewelry made from local stones, various wooden products and there are several skilled painters in the fields of decorative painting (also the Norwegian “Rosemaling”).
You will find Vassfartunet kjøpesenter at the centre of Flå.
At the centre you will also find a bank, post office(with one of the shops), the police, the council administration, central government bodies(Social Services, Inland Revenue and the police), a hairdresser, a company for electrical installations etc.

Flå IT-senter has gathered various companies, which mainly utilize data technology as tools for various trades: programme developing, surveying services, data support etc.

There possibilities of hiring touring coaches, parcel transport and taxi.
The “environmental street” (part of the National Highway No. 7) through the centre provides for great possibilities for further development of the commerce and service trades.  


Distances from Flå by car to cities:

Oslo:                130 km

Hønefoss:           82 km

Drammen:        120 km

Bergen:            330 km


Besides the train there are some bus companies which operate public transport towards Oslo and Bergen.


When a new section of the National Highway No. 7 between Sokna and Ørgenvika is completed, this will mean a substantial shortening of  the distance and the travelling time.

As an example: travelling by train from Flå to Sandvika just outside Oslo will then be only about 1 hr. -40 mins.













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